As the main hub of most of your appliances, cookware and all those gadgets of the moment, the kitchen can often be a daunting place to try and organize.

When you add to that the never-ending accessories plus food storage, your kitchen can easily fill up fast.  Here are a few of our expert tips of ways to incorporate storage and functionality into your new kitchen design.

Yt Walk Through Pantry

Custom Pantry

More than any other storage solutions, homeowners crave a perfectly organized space to store their dry goods, food items and Costco-sized overstock.  If space allows, this is typically done via a walk-in pantry.  Pantries can be customized to provide ample shelf space, including pull-out baskets and drawers or can even be totally enclosed with cabinetry, providing a clean look.  Another interesting way to keep items organized yet hidden from plain view is a walk-through pantry, pictured above.

Spice Drawers & Pull out Cabinetry

Tuck spices, oils and other cooking supplies away in a wall pull-out spice cabinet or spice drawer organizer.  These functional cabinets can be incorporated into upper cabinets or lowers, depending on the layout of your space.  Out of sight yet still within reach when it’s time to cook.  An organized cook makes a happy cook.

Spice Rack

Pull-out Trash & Recycle Bins

One of the best storage features in any kitchen is a pull-out trash cabinet. Keeping trash out of sight but close at hand, whether that be a single, double or even multi-bin unit for recycling.  This is by far one of the most popular organization solution our team of experts include in their kitchen designs.

Trash Pullout And Storage

Utensils Drawers

The clever utensils built-in cabinet keeps serving ware and silverware conveniently within reach and easily organized.  Cabinetry can also be equipped with several drop-in containers, making it easy to store any oversized spoons, spatulas or whisks that don’t lend themselves to flat storage.  This a great solution next when placed next to the range or near a large workspace, like an island.



Charcuterie, please

Do you have an impressive collective of charcuterie and grazing boards?  How about cookie-sheets and muffin tins?  A roll-out drawer with built-in dividers allows boards and baking sheets of all sizes to be comfortably stored upright while easily accessible.

Cutting Board Pullout

Appliance Garage

Just about all of us could use a clutter-free countertop, which is why appliance garages are so popular of late.   How popular you ask?  Why it’s one of the trends our design experts predicted  to see more of for kitchen design in 2022 and beyond.   Whether it be hiding a blender, toaster or mixer, appliance garages are a great solution to keep semi-used appliances within reach while maintaining a clean kitchen aesthetic.  Music to our ears.


Deep Drawer Organizers

For ease and accessibility, nothing beats deep drawer storage.  We suggest taking it to the next level by incorporating movable drawer dividers to perfectly maintain your unique needs.  Below, our client opted for a customized drawer to perfectly house all her tupperware containers and corresponding lids.  Can you imagine going through life never losing the lid to another tupperware storage container?  Base drawer goals, right here.

Tupperware Storage

Multi-purposed toe kick drawers

Toekick drawers are hidden in a typically wasted space – the baseboard under your kitchen cabinetry.  The slim design is ideal for storing baking sheets, platters and other thin items.  The best part about these drawers are that they’re push activated and opened by the push of your foot!  We’ve seen many things stored in the toe-kick drawer, but our most recent favorite  is the pull-out step stool!

Step Stool

Pets Welcome

Pets are treasured family members and more and more we’re designing kitchens around man’s best friend.  If you have the space, why not incorporate a built-in feeding and watering station for your pet?  The kitchen, laundry or mudroom are ideal places for pets to dine.  Dog washing stations are also a great way to incorporate Fido into your new space but we’d suggest a laundry room or mudroom for that.

Bowl Drawer

At-home Java Spot

Perk up your morning routine by incorporating a home coffee station into your new kitchen.  These clever beverage hubs hold all the fixings for your cup of Joe in one convenient and organized spot.  There are many different coffee station ideas to organize your cups, coffee maker and even the coffee itself to create your very own home coffee bar.


Coffee Bar

Open Shelves

Not entirely known for its functionality (more so aesthetic appeal) is the open shelving concept.  Incredibly popular of late, yet equally controversial , open shelving allows for displaying decorative accessories or injecting a modern vibe into your kitchen design.  We love using open shelving when our clients are looking to make their kitchen feel more light and open.  Are you a love or hate floating shelves type of person?

Open Shelving

Kitchens can collect a lot of clutter. Save space (and some sanity!) by incorporating these storage and organization ideas in your new kitchen.  To start planning your kitchen organization, get started by defining your style on our moodboard today!


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