Our Culture

We constantly encourage our clients to bring their wildest imaginations to the table. Why? Because our strong team approach and high-service culture allow us to support each and every one of their dreams. We challenge ourselves to go above and beyond with every customer interaction in order to make their experience as unique as can be.
Calling ourselves “The Dream Team” is more than just a label…it’s our battle cry. We know top-notch customer interactions are born from a team united by a single mission: make every client’s dream a reality. Of course, this is not an easy feat nor a solo mission. Thus, hand-in-hand, we support each other in achieving the unimaginable…because there’s nothing quite like bringing a vision to life.
Being a part of The Dream Team is like working with family. From collaborating on dream kitchens to enjoying company chili cook-offs…every day working as a member of this team is a day well spent.
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Check out what the team has to say!


“I have worked for E.W. Kitchens for many years. E.W. is a family-owned company, and for me I have been privileged to feel part of that family. I enjoy working with the amazing staff and assisting clients that come into our beautiful showroom. It has been a great work place to come to everyday.”
“The opportunity to serve our clients is the most satisfying aspect of this profession. Seeing their dream come to fruition and the happiness that can bring is inspiring. We’re not brain surgeons or rocket scientists,  we just make life more comfortable for those who are!”
“What I love about working for E.W. Kitchens is the people. Not only does it feel like family here but I also get to work with some really bright, creative and supportive people.”
“The people at E.W. Kitchens are like family. We get along most days and are annoyed with each other some days but in the end we are family and I would do almost anything for them.”
“I love working with designers and clients to create beautiful spaces.  It is such a thrill to watch an ordinary, outdated space be revitalized and transformed into one of the most important rooms in the home.  Our team here at the Michigan Design Center makes collaborating fun and the job just that much easier.”
“As a company, E.W. stands behind the product and work that we offer to our clients. This allows me feel confident when speaking to someone about choosing to work with our company. I love telling people that we have been here for 70 years! It’s a testament to good business and the dedication we have to doing things right.”