A New Year brings new trends in the kitchen design industry and the design experts at E.W. Kitchens are here to take the guess work out of what’s trending this year.

Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just get inspired for a small refresh, this year spaces are going to become more organized, simplified, but full of color and details.  Let’s take a deeper look at all the good things coming to kitchens in 2021.

In the world of cabinetry, we’re continuing to see popularity in two-tone cabinetry.  Don’t be afraid to play with different color variations, whether that be upper and lower cabinets or just an accented island.  If choosing a secondary color seems intimidating, consider choosing a secondary material that complements the undertone of the rest of the cabinets.  Double the color, double the style.  Expect to start seeing more shades of  green (they’re not just for your morning smoothie) replace some of the more vibrant blues seen in past years.

If color in the kitchen isn’t for you, the good news is that wood is now enjoying a bit of a revival.  We’re loving the organic feel warm tones like grained ash, quarter sawn oak, or walnut into bring into kitchens.   Regardless of color or wood variety you choose to adorn your newly remodeled kitchen, we can tell you by far, that storage options and more functionality will most certainly join them.  Whether it be bottom cabinet sliding pullouts, in between cabinet pullout racks or built-in cutlery storage, the age of function and storage in the kitchen is here, folks – and its here to stay.



When it comes to topping those two-tone cabinets of yours, quartz, particularly in lighter colors will continue to be the driving material for countertops this year.  Loved for its lasting beauty and durability, quartz comes in a wide array of different colors and patterns, making it truly possible to find your perfect choice.  Appliances are next up on our list of trends and we’re seeing more of a continuation of styles rather than something new.  Colored appliances are popping up amongst most manufactures and even in different finishes.  We honestly cannot get over the jaw dropping impact a matte black refrigerator or an ivory range can make to a space.

Hardware in the kitchen will continue to be warm, with neutral tones dominating.  Finishes like brushed gold, champagne bronze and satin brass can add extra elegance to a space while finishes like matte black, can help neutralize a space.  We expect to see these tones present in hardware, faucets, pendant lightings and even small appliances.

While the future is unknown to us all, the future of kitchen design is looking bright.   Well, bright in a green hued and two tone cabinetry way.

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