Temperatures in Michigan hit mid-90s this week and if thats not any indication summer is here and here to stay we don’t know what is.  It’s the perfect time to move that party outdoors and E.W. Kitchens is here to help!

Preparing, cooking and eating a meal outside is a favorite past-time for many after surviving a long and cold winter. With all the delight that comes from al-fresco dining, there’s bound to be some hassles too. If cooking outside with all the food, ingredients and essentials at your fingertips is your idea of domestic bliss, then consider building an outdoor kitchen of your very own.

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Where do you start?

Working with an expert designer at E.W. Kitchens, you’ll have the opportunity to integrate all the function and organization of your indoor dream kitchen into your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor Cabinetry by NatureKast is 100% weatherproof, using a technologically advanced resin system that perfectly replicates the natural color and texture of real wood. These cabinets have revolutionized the outdoor cabinetry industry and are available in a variety of door styles, paint and weathered finishes. Now you can truly have the look and feel of real cypress or teak but without the yearly maintenance.  Imagine that!


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What should I include in my outdoor kitchen?

When we say the sky is the limit, we really mean it. There are unlimited design options for your outdoor kitchen and each design should be customized to your specific space and needs. If your family thrives on pizza all summer long, why not include an outdoor stone-fired pizza oven? Perhaps you’re a craft beer connoisseur that would love an outdoor kegerator, or a craft cocktail mixologist looking for a bar with bar seating? Built-in grills, wine chillers, ice makers and integrated appliances are all possible. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen to fit your lifestyle, so we recommend thinking big. Our Dream Team of designers challenge our clients to design for how they will be using the space – for cooking, entertaining, or relaxing, so we can determine the best way to integrate function, organization and to fit your backyard aesthetic.


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What else should I know before I plan my outdoor kitchen design?

First and foremost, the cost of building an outdoor kitchen, much like an indoor kitchen, varies depending on the materials and appliances you choose. It is also incredibly important to find an experienced designer who can help you create the best plan to get the most out of your available space, as well as a certified contractor who is experienced in installing outdoor kitchens.

If you’ve ever remodeled an indoor kitchen, you know how important it is to have ample counter space and the same goes for the outdoors. Countertop material choices vary, but we recommend either a natural stone product like granite, quartzite or soapstone or concrete; all materials are durable and will hold up well against the elements.  If you’re having a hard time selecting the perfect color countertop to match your outdoor kitchen, check out our recommendations on pairing cabinetry and countertops here!

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Your summer tan may not last, but the value of an outdoor kitchen will.

An outdoor kitchen can be a practical addition, but it also adds a luxurious feature to your home, increasing the overall value, if you choose to sell. All those oooohhhss and ahhhhsss from potential buyers will turn into more money in your pocket. It’s time to take your backyard to the sizzling next level with an outdoor kitchen of your very own.

The Dream Team at E.W. Kitchens is ready to bring your summer dreams to life. To the start the process of designing your outdoor dream kitchen, contact us today!

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